Teleconferences with Congressman O’Rourke



Congressman O’Rourke and the three selected high schools in EPISD shall participate per teleconference and will be rotated alphabetically each time the event is held in order to ensure each school has an equal opportunity to engage in the political process.


The Teleconferences with Congressman Beto O’Rourke aim to further strengthen the bond between the youth of the El Paso community and their Congressman in order to enforce political engagement and awareness among students. The students and the Congressman will discuss problems in the city, ongoing projects, and improvements that impact the everyday life of students. WE(fillintheblank) strives for students to continuously engage with their elected representative in order to increase government transparency beginning at a young age. Through these teleconferences WE(fillintheblank) seeks for the youth to ultimately become well equipped in making decisions that will inevitably impact their future.


The teleconference shall be via LifeSize HD, software that allows visual and audio communication. A WE(fillintheblank) member will initiate the teleconference by welcoming participating schools and Congressman O’Rourke before handing over the floor of discussion to the first school. Students from the first school will have the floor to speak to the Congressman regarding whichever issue they wish to discuss. Once the student has asked their question and the Congressman has offered a response, a WE(fillintheblank) member shall turn the discussion over to another school. These rotations shall continue with all three schools until there is no time remaining. WE(fillintheblank) will manage the logistics: the connectivity between Washington D.C. and the schools, the selection of 3 schools, and will facilitate the moderation of the teleconference.