Teachers: Role and Responsibilities

The Role of the teacher: 

At the BORDERiZE Youth Symposium, the main focus is to encourage new innovative ways of learning and civic engagement in the students; however, a vital component of ensuring the students’ success throughout the five week process of creating the white paper is the support and guidance of the teacher in the new endeavor of policy making.

In order to equip teachers with the skills to provide such guidance, teachers will undergo an interactive training session the first day of BORDERiZE.  In addition to information of the basics of policy making, the training session will also touch on valuable classroom implementations such as project based learning, student motivation, and the expansion of education to encompass civic engagement and service.

Teachers will be granted hours of GT and CPE credit hours for attendance of the training session.

Teacher Itinerary- 1st Day of BORDERiZE

  • 9:30 Sign in
    • Super motivated Students
    • Raising the bar
    • Service learning & Community Engagement
  • 10:40-11:05 Observe BorderFair (experts at stations)
    • Super Motivated students
    • Raising the bar
    • Service learning & community engagement
  • 12:00 Keynote Speaker
    • Learning lunch
    • Teachers & students
  • Policy making basics
  • Maximizing Social Media in an Ethical Manner
  • 3:00 Teacher & Learning: Grades 8-12
    • Secondary- Post Secondary
    • Round Table