The BORDERiZE Youth Symposium is a two-day event which aims to engage 8th graders throughout the border region within topics that directly impact themselves and their community.


Mission Statement for WE(fillintheblank)

WE aims to inspire and engage an untapped resource in modern politics—the middle school student. WE, a student organization, promotes the youth to take power of their political now. WE aims to be the vehicle for progression for youth involvement in politics in America, giving middle school students a legitimate voice that will be respected nationwide.


Mission Statement for BORDERiZE:

This symposium will gather middle school students from three states: Texas, New Mexico and Chihuahua, to discuss and actively resolve the issues of our region, specifically focusing on the effects of various policies on the US-Mexico border. Students will develop tactics and strategies and interact with political, academic, business and community leaders from the region to develop a white paper on topics addressed during the symposium. The white paper will contain policy suggestions regarding a proposal generated by students at the symposium and will be distributed to the policy makers and community leaders who can implement the suggestion that is proposed. This genuinely student-generated product will make practical the activities of this symposium. Students will gain unmatched experience in and knowledge of the political process, providing them with an opportunity to genuinely affect government policy.