Culture and Morale

Under “Leave a Reply” at the bottom, ask your questions regarding the candidates’ plans regarding culture and morale in the education system.

17 thoughts on “Culture and Morale

  1. Bill Haberlein

    How do you plan to encourage teachers who are discouraged by children’s lack of direction and concern for their own futures?

  2. Sgt. Joseph Rivera

    Considering that El Paso is (predominantly) a military town, why don’t more armed force recruiters visit with the children more than once or twice a year. I am told (only) Marine recruiters visit the campus, how many kids might’ve missed out on a chance for a career in the military just because no one ever spoke to them?

  3. Amparo Esparza

    From my experience, I am aware of the practice of nepotism within the school district. If you are elected, how can you, as a board member, address and eliminate this issue?

  4. Erika

    A common belief among friends and relatives of teachers is that the district bends over backwards to address the numerous complaints of disgruntled and complainer parents, and sides against professional teachers who are left defenseless to deal with unruly students and hyperaggressive parents. What can the district do to address chaos in the classroom, protect professional teachers, and restore order in our schools?

  5. Ellen K.

    Is anyone addressing how additional demands and time constraints placed on teachers is affecting teacher morale – which inevitably effects the students?

  6. Gabriela Montelongo

    Why do you sexualities girls by enforcing dress codes that by there definition approve or disapprove clothes based on their sex appeal, which turns girls into sexual objects and then punish them by sending them home or to change because it might be distracting to the male students? Doesn’t this just show that you value male education more than female education by sending them away?

  7. Anonymous

    Some say ‘EPISD is a corrupt and unorganized organization with weak relationships with the parents and the community.’ How would you respond to this statement?

  8. Milwaukee

    Recently some teachers learned they would have to reapply for their positions within the district because their schools have been selected for closure. In community meetings, the public was repeatedly told teachers would have priority and job security as schools were closed and combined. “Teachers will go where the students go.” What explanation can you offer for the contradiction in what was stated by district officials and what is happening in reality.

  9. Robin

    How would you recommend improving communication from within each school as well as from the District to the EPISD staff and families?

    1. David

      The recent attempt by EPISD to gain feedback for families on improving the condition of our schools and dealing with the deminishing enrollment was a complete failure. What can be done by the leadership, especially the School Board, to create a more trusting enviroment that would improve and increase participation from our students families?

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