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9 thoughts on “Other

  1. Cindy

    Is there any way Coronado can make an extra parking lot on the dirt lot by the school to keep students from being forced to park very far from the campus?

  2. Mark Levitt

    In general, it is good to get community input, but I think we go overboard. We should be electing those we have confidence in. In turn, those individuals should get the job done with little fanfare. It seems as though discussion goes on and on. How will you get things done that will benefit the students without going through long drawn out processes?

  3. Richard Capullucci

    We should open up the dirt parking lot at Coronado High School because it is ridiculous that students that do not have parking passes have to park all the way down the street by Cloudview Park. What can we do to re-open the dirt lot in order for kids to start parking there again?

  4. Milwaukee

    Why is it that student/teacher ratios are grossly misrepresented is district reports? For example, averaging in special education classes with small populations with general education classes of over 35 mislead the to believe class sizes are smaller than they actually are.

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