Under “Leave a Reply” at the bottom, ask your questions regarding the candidates’ plans regarding technology in the school system.


17 thoughts on “Technology

  1. Wifi needs to be available throughout every part of every school. What are students going to do when they are provided laptops but can’t access the school wifi in certain classrooms/other school locations?

  2. Why are current cellphones going back to the size when cellphones started, arent they supposed to be smaller since technology is so advanced?

  3. How will the district determine if the installment of BYOD and other technology applications has actually enriched the curriculum and benefited students?

  4. Are district issued devices or the installment of BYOD going to replace textbooks allowing the students to download them electronically and granting schools to invest money elsewhere?

  5. “Bring your own device” is now being encouraged on campuses by our District. How do you feel about this in light of reports of an epidemic of increased cheating among students nationwide?

  6. Do you feel that increased technology use at school is detrimental, and increases cheating and lack of creativity due to easy access, or positive because of the efficiency and ease?

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