Academics and Magnet Programs

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48 thoughts on “Academics and Magnet Programs

  1. Isabella J

    Upon election into office how would you use your position as a member of the school board to impact the magnet schools within our school districts and what position do you take regarding magnet schools as a whole?

  2. Jennifer Darakjy

    Do you feel that lowering the amount of standardized tests would allow students to become more engaged while learning in the classroom?

  3. Maria C.

    With the increase of magnet programs, the student body becomes partitioned based on interests in certain fields, this affects the overall performance of all the other schools without that specific magnet program and directly lowers their performance in that respective field. Hence, is the school board taking into consideration these factors when establishing these magnet programs and if so how do they then chose the school to which a magnet program will be assigned?

  4. Veronica Rosen

    How are you going to ensure that the teachers are concerned and involved enough to help students reach their full potential?

  5. Lisa Studdard

    Considering the success of Coronado’s IB program, would you consider additional funding to ensure furthering students’ success?

  6. Lisa

    In Europe, and in Germany in particular, there is not a wide ranging belief that all children should attend college. Indeed, there are well run technical and apprentice schools for skilled craftsmen and laborers who wish to enter into the labor market immediately. What do you think of this European model as opposed to the American belief that all children should attend college? What should our district’s focus be?

  7. Michael Arvizu

    By making Coronado high school a fine arts magnet school how will that affect other high schools fine arts programs?

  8. Why would we build a magnet school on the west side of town, for one reason being not many students want to go to Alameda because if its social standard. This idea comes off as a bit unethical.

  9. Peter Z.

    Does EPISD have measurable data to show the benefits students gain when participating in the various magnet programs and if so, please explain?

  10. Maria C.

    How are magnet schools assigned to particular campuses and what are you going to do regarding the partion of students it causes among campuses based on the interest of field as it creates a drain of students excelling in that field from all other campuses and hence undermines their performance compared to that campus?

  11. Bianca Hsieh

    In light of other more pressing issues faced by EPISD such as closing of its schools, how will the school district establish additional magnet programs while ensuring the current ones are successfully being maintained?

  12. Melissa H.

    How do you think all the new magnet programs will affect different school’s enrollment?
    If most high schools will soon have magnet programs, how will the regulation of transfer players playing varsity be dealt with?

  13. Ethan K.

    How does the number of students per counselor compare to the national average and what are the implications for our students?

  14. As a student, I see other students always not doing or not caring about their classes or about the standardized tests we have, like the STAAR. How do you plan on getting students more interactive and more interested in their school, so that we do not have to keep investing good taxes, from hard working tax payers, on students who don’t care about their education?

  15. Leah L.

    How are the school districts taking care of those students who are extremely stressed from the amount of work without giving them too much leeway?

  16. As an IB Student I feel that it is imperative for EPISD to include this program in other High Schools besides Coronado, so that more students can have an easier access to this type of education. Do you plan to promote this program in other EPISD school, and if so how?

  17. Brooke S.

    Why do many of the high schools have eight periods a day, and will you work to change this? Students receive an excess amount of work, and teachers do not have enough instruction time.

  18. Ejaz Martin

    Being an IB student, Coronado is the only high school in EPISD that offers this program and it would be extremely useful if other schools at the middle school and elementary level offered a pre-IB curriculum to allow students to have a notion of what the high school level is going to be like. Is a pre-IB program in EPISD something that has already been given thought and is undergoing a process? If so, how will it be incorporated?

  19. Robin

    Several magnet programs are having difficulty hiring qualified staff and, in fact, have a shortage of teachers to successfully teach their current classes. How would you recommend alleviating the strain on the current magnet programs while multiplying and staffing the new proposed programs?

  20. Robin

    High schools on the standard schedule (not block) have eight class periods a day. This increase from seven periods occurred several years ago when EPISD was trying to increase on-time graduation rates while alleviating the need for summer school. While giving struggling students more opportunities to pass the minimum number of classes needed to graduate, this new system has put a strain on the higher achieving students who are juggling homework and studying for more classes than are needed to graduate while trying to maintain competitive schedules looking forward towards college. What would you implement to evaluate the success of this system and how would you make improve schedules for all high school students in the future?

  21. Robin

    If our end goal for our students is a well-educated college bound or workforce ready young adult, how would you recommend improving our current support of students to help them achieve those goals?

  22. Andrew Paton

    What are your plans to improve teachers’ resources in magnet programs, such as salary raises or access to books at lower cost?

  23. Juan Sybert-Coronado

    Much of the debate in this election has centered on school finances and operations. Can you explain what your education philosophy is and how you believe our schools can equitably served every student in EPISD?

  24. Juan Sybert-Coronado

    What plans do you have to ensure an appropriate and quality education for students with special needs including learning disabilities, dyslexia, and emotional challenges?

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