Under “Leave a Reply” at the bottom, ask your questions regarding the candidates’ plans for educational facilities improvement and expansion.

25 thoughts on “Facilities

  1. Jim Paton

    What, if any, plans do you have for promoting solar energy generation on planned and existing buildings in order to reduce the district’s electric bill?

  2. Jennifer Ellingson

    As a Coronado teacher, I have noticed that in many buildings the cooling and heating is not consistent. As a new School board employee, what are you going do about the current swamp cooling condition in El Paso’s schools.

  3. I have been following the facilities issue for several years and am curious why funds were allocated to Franklin High School for a stadium when they had a few parents able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a state of the art Mega-tron video scoreboard? Funds that might have built the stadium. And that the district is willing to maintain and already be replacing items on stated scoreboard, when the CHS Stadium/training facility/Coaches offices are falling down and in ill repair being largely the same since I attended CHS in the 70’s?

  4. Beth McCoy

    The stairs at Coronado are eroding away and students can and possibly will get hurt some time in the future. Are there any planes for any upgrades at school?

  5. tammy adams

    There seems to be many maintenance issues in each school. How will you prioritize which problems get fixed, and when will this begin?

  6. Lorenzo Renteria

    School boards often need to make difficult decisions, especially when having to close or merge schools. What will have more sway in your decision which schools to close, the professional studies and projected population models or community input such as parents or vocal alumni?

  7. Xavier Ramos

    My daughters go to Coronado Hugh school and they have always complained about the restrooms for the past 4 years. Is there any kind of plan to fix that?

  8. Guadalupe Ornelas

    Coronado High School is an old school, and my daughter has complained that the buildings are very old and there is old swamp coolers that sometimes don’t work in the original buildings, is there going to be any school funding that will fix these problems?

  9. Raul Melendez

    Being a Special Education Teacher here at Coronado HS and having numerous students with accessibility issues, these students miss instruction on upper level classrooms because of non-functioning elevators. Is there a District Maintenance Schedule/Plan to make sure that these elevators are functioning on a daily basis for these students?

  10. Herman G

    With an abundance of students at the high schools in the area, how do you propose we fix the schools that are older and are falling apart. At Coronado the bleachers seem unsafe. What can the parents do to ensure that our kids will be safe at events held at the field?

  11. Ethan K.

    Many of Coronado High School’s facilities are not ADA compliant – are there plans to make improvements to become compliant?

  12. Roberto Iturralde

    Why are you spending money on trifle things, such as the construction of an office that will only last 2 years, when many bathrooms, coolers/heaters and rooms are below general standard?

  13. Robin Krasne

    Our previous bond included funding for many projects including a new school in the Northeast. This facility was never built. The bond committee reassigned a portion of the funds to be used for a stadium at Franklin High School. With all of the possible facility changes/new builds recommended for our future with the Jacobs report, how do you anticipate selling the community on trusting EPISD with another bond when the previous bond allocation did not happen as voted for by the community?

  14. Lauren C.

    Do you support the proposed modernization plan? How will this plan benefit the academic services the students will receive? By closing and combining many schools, will the class sizes be significantly larger and what effect do you think it will it have on the child’s education?

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