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25 thoughts on “Budget

  1. Al Rosen

    How important do you feel student participation in the arts and sports are to overall academic success and producing well rounded graduates? How would you reflect your feelings on this topic in terms of budget allocation in these areas?

  2. Where is the Board on the re-allocation of $57 million from the 2007 School Bond, initially approved by voters for construction of school facilities in the Northeast?

  3. Isela

    Realizing that there is limited State funding allocated to the District and the continuing decrease in enrollment, how do you feel about supporting a Tax Ratification Election?

  4. Jennifer S.

    I have noticed that funds are unevenly and biasedly distributed within the district. How can you restore balance and eliminate bias from determining where funds are spent?

  5. Leon S.

    Recently YISD has been in the news about severe budget issues because of drastic population declines as the city hollows out and younger families move to neighboring school districts ringing the city. Do you anticipate similar problems occurring in this district, and if so, how does our district intend to address the problem?

  6. William Wang

    What can the school do to reduce the spending amount and control the budget, so that parents’ property tax burden is lightened?

  7. Steve Highfill

    While the school district funds major sports more than other extra curricular activities at Coronado High School, the FFA is only funded by the FFA as a whole. We are having to pull money out of our own pockets (parents, students, teachers, etc.) when we need supplies to maintain the farm and the shop. What can we do where the district actually helps fund the FFA program that actually benefits Coronado High School and the city of El Paso.

  8. Susan G

    When you receive your budget for the school year, and the schools end up receiving more than expected what would you plan on doing with the overflow of money?

  9. Aragon

    Since the push ins for core teachers are no longer part of their assignment, will they now be required to teach 7 out of 8 classes?

  10. Estevan M

    The district expects fine arts programs (such as band) to perform at athletic events. Although EPISD pays to transport the students, the burden of the transportation costs to get the necessary equipment to perform at the events is placed solely on booster clubs. Why is this cost not covered in the district budget?

  11. Estevan M

    Why are all admission proceeds to football games given to the athletic department whenever groups such as the band also perform at the event? Shouldn’t some of the proceeds be shared to these other groups as well?

  12. Brianna B.

    What can students, teachers, or parents do to help reduce the amount of money spent in certain areas in order for that money to be used on something else?

  13. Raymond P.

    In these recent years, the School Board has been facing supposed “major deficits” which have unfortunately resulted in the displacement of teachers and the closure of schools. What determines the annual budget, and how are you able to decide which category receives the most priority of the entire sum? What are the benefits to supporting High School Sports, such as football, more so than that of the Fine Arts, such as Band, economically? And in what way does this benefit the Students that participate in these activities?

  14. Robin

    At this week’s school board meeting, it was predicted that EPISD would be facing a $12 million deficit in 2016. How would you recommend guiding the District out of this unfortunate financial situation while simultaneously working on morale, facilities improvements, school consolidations and multiplying magnet programs?

  15. Andrew Paton

    What plans do you have to reduce utility bills at schools, i.e. with more efficient facilities and better energy-saving habits?

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