Quality of Life (Social and Cultural)

Under “Leave a Reply” at the bottom, ask your questions regarding the candidates’ plans regarding social and cultural issues affecting the quality of life.

13 thoughts on “Quality of Life (Social and Cultural)

  1. Mark Levitt

    The Westside 50 meter pool was suppose to be the first major construction from our last city bond issue. I have attended several planning sessions, and the pool was approved. Where do we stand on that issue. It will take in excess of one year to complete, and our swimmers are waiting.

  2. Kathrin Berg (Anika's Mom)

    What is the status of the proposed new children’s museum? Will there be an opportunity for a public/private partnership in regards to funding the construction and/or operations?

  3. Enrique P.

    The city has invested a lot of budget, improving El Paso’s downtown (including the baseball stadium), how is the city measuring the effectiveness of this project and when is this information going to be disclosed?

  4. Caroline H.

    Who is responsible for selecting the artistic enhancements to the roadways and how can the selection process be improved?

  5. Kaitlin S.

    With the apparent success of the new Chihuahua baseball team and stadium, and with far east El Paso having a huge sports complex, are there any plans to build a large sports complex on the west side to include an ice skating facility?

  6. susan martinez

    is the plan for River Bend to plant the 100 trees in a straight line adjacent to the Irrigation District’s earthen path?

  7. Stuart

    Why has it taken so long to complete the Plaza renovations; who is at fault, is it still on budget, will it remain on budget, and when is the new projected completion date?

  8. Martha C.

    Are the cultural improvements in the city well appreciated, such as the stadium, or the Opera program, etc? Is it worth investing in promoting culture, if our society is culturally deprived?

  9. Oscar

    Is there any chance that the Insights museum will be replaced? Is there currently any plan to create a new science museum in the city specifically aimed at children?

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