Economic Development

Under “Leave a Reply” at the bottom, ask your questions regarding the candidates’ plans for economic development.

7 thoughts on “Economic Development

  1. Keith Bond

    How much revenue do you think El Paso will lose with the downsizing of Fort Bliss? Do you know if the city has any plans to support small local businesses with the loss?

    Comment left by father of student Camille Martin

  2. Mark Levitt

    The city projects seem to always run over budget and are late on their completion. That has to stop. How best would you handle those situations?

  3. Amanda Villarreal

    How are oppurtunities being made for the people graduating college & then planning on leaving El Paso so that they stay in El Paso, eliminating brain drain and improving our economy?

  4. Jeeyoon K

    In your opinion, does the state of Texas and the Federal government provide an appropriate amount of financial resources to properly meet the needs
    of newcomers to our city? What can the city council do to improve this

  5. Mitch P.

    There are a lot of vacant lots in both old and new residential areas on the Westside. Can City Council create incentives for residential development of these vacant lots?

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