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6 thoughts on “Other

  1. Lisa W

    As someone who needs to get to work quickly, the traffic caused by construction on most streets seems unnecessary and very disorganized . What exactly are these projects and what are you going to do to make them more efficient?

  2. Too many undergraduate students are choosing to go to other colleges in the country, or within state of Texas itself. Do you consider it important that we should elevate UTEP’s academic level so that these students should start considering to go there?

  3. Bianca Hsieh

    Though El Paso has been extremely focused on improving culturally, what academic improvements are being made in order to prevent brain drain?

  4. Tulasi A. Gopalan

    Do you believe that the money that has been set aside for future aesthetic and cultural improvements for the city is being utilized for maximum benefit, or should these funds perhaps go to other areas such as education or transportation services.

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