Under “Leave a Reply” at the bottom, ask your questions regarding the candidates’ plans for  budget policy.

8 thoughts on “Budget

  1. Wadad Cashman

    Why are property taxes rising rather than remaining at a constant rate for senior citizens? Is there any way you can keep property taxes at a steady never increasing rate for senior citizens? My property taxes have increased that contribute to the school district yet I do not have children in school.

    Question Submitted by Aunt of student Camille Martin

  2. Liliana Carrillo

    Why does the CEO of El Paso childrens Hospital continue to have a higher pay, when the hospital is going through major money issues?

  3. Levi Carlos

    i have a problem with the profit margin of the chihuahua stadium this stadium was supposed to pay for it self but at this point it hasn’t turned a profit when is this supposed to be good for the city?

  4. Juan Sybert-Coronado

    Do you favor an increase in the legal budget for El Paso’s intergovernmental taxing entity to improve the collection of unpaid taxes and a proper assessment of property including Western Refining?

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