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28 thoughts on “Transportation

  1. Josh Lidiak

    The buses in our city are often times unreliable despite the fact that many of our residents rely on them to carry out everyday activities, as well as shoppers from Mexico who put money into the economy. How would you fix this problem in our city? Would you consider putting in a new system such as a train or subway or investing more in the buses?

  2. Roy X. (Grace Xu)

    “The public transportation system in El Paso is very poor, and at best, barely sufficient enough – how do you plan to improve the system?”

  3. Maria Navarrete (Alondra Navarrete)

    The freeway in El Paso is lacking much coordination as it gets very clogged up whenever there is an accident there or whenever rush hour is in effect. Are there any plans at the moment or in the future where there could be some prepositions about a resolution to this? If there isn’t, would you be able to consider it as a plan in your time as mayor?

  4. Michelle Kaip (Levi Kaip)

    What is your opinion on creating a mass transit rail system to service individuals throughout the El Paso area?

  5. Marilyn Munden (Levi Kaip)

    What is your opinion on creating a toll road to serve as a secondary highway in which eighteen wheelers and other oversized vehicles must travel in order to lighten traffic on I-10 and create additional revenue for the city?

  6. Sherwood Kaip (Levi Kaip)

    What is your opinion on creating a car pool lane on I-10 to reduce environmental pollution and to help alleviate traffic on the freeway?

  7. Veronica Velarde (Alondra Navarrete)

    With what purpose was the 375-freeway addition built more on the east side of town rather than on the west side where there is more traffic?

  8. Rachel B

    Sun Metro has thoughtfully mapped out routes for El Paso buses. Nevertheless the sole reliance upon buses has not effectively addressed the mass transit needs of El Pasoans who must efficiently travel across the city every day. Those who daily rely upon buses devote large chunks of time to transportation, and those with cars opt for that mode of transportation, clog our main arteries, and challenge our air quality. What do you believe is the primary reason that a more effective and efficient mass transit system has not been designed and implemented in El Paso? How would you change that?

  9. Enrique Chacon

    With the new baseball field just how much taxpayer money will it cost to reroute the buses to and from the field?

  10. Fernando Gomez

    Is a toll road in the boderland really necessary and just how effective can we expect it to become? What benefit are we hoping to reap from it?

  11. Adriana Delacruz (karmen rivera)

    Traffic accidents have become part of the El Paso landscape and is posing a problem to many citizens who have to reschedule plans around such incidents. How would you address transportation safety?

  12. David Velasco

    The El Paso Airport seems to be outdated and gives first time visitors the wrong impression about El Paso. Do you have any plans to mordernize the airport?

  13. Paul Barker

    I travel a lot by plane, and this is due to my job. It would be much easier and time consuming if the El Paso airport would actually have international flights and not just flights within the US? How would you fix this problem?

  14. Erica Purchase (Morgan Weiss)

    What are your opinions about the current condition of public transportation in El Paso? Do you feel that there is a need for change, and if so what do you have in mind?

  15. Victor Baca (Hector Posadas)

    “The public transportation system in El Paso is usually late, slow and inefficient. How do you propose to improve the public transportation system for the largest border city in the world?”

  16. Oscar T.

    The buses are very slow and many times run at very far apart intervals , this is an impediment to all of the people that use public transportation as a primary mean to get to work, can the city change anything to make the service more reliable ?

  17. A. Quezada

    Are there any plans to create more and better sidewalks to promote not only a free commute, but also a healthy one?

  18. Geoff W (Westside)

    El Paso is routinely listed as one of the countries “fattest” and “unhealthiest” cites on polls throughout the internet. At the same time, El Paso is expanding rapidly in both the far west and east sides of town. While bike lanes have recently been more and more common in El Paso (which could help both problems), none connect the city to other parts of town. Is anything being done to create a better bike lane infrastructure or are the bike lanes we have now merely “neighborhood” bike lanes.

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