Social & Cultural Issues

Under “Leave a Reply” at the bottom, ask your questions regarding the city’s stance on social and cultural issues, such as El Paso cultural events, and stances on gay rights.

37 thoughts on “Social & Cultural Issues

  1. Jose Luis Mendoza

    What do you plan to do about the amount of undocumented people within El Paso and the distribution of resources that are effected by them?

  2. Jane Briggs

    As mayor, how would you propose to improve the introduction to the arts and awareness of local artists for the benefit of the community? How can these implementations be directed to all ages to increase the rate of awareness and culture in El Paso?

  3. Patricia G. (Lucio Reyes)

    How do you plan to extend the opportunity for children of middle-income families to participate in any team sports that schools do not offer?

  4. Patricia Delgado (Hector Posadas)

    “How do you plan to stop the discrimination present in El Paso against homosexuals and do you plan to be an advocate for gay rights in this state?”

  5. B. Nelson

    The youth of our generation seem to lack an interest in politics. Many who are of voting age choose to abstain from that form of governmental participation, and many who do vote do so naively. What steps will you take to correct this youthful apathy and ignorance?

  6. Karuna T

    What can and will be done about the literacy level and EPISD reputation that deters and hinders children’ education in EPISD?

  7. H. Vazquez del Mercado

    El Paso consists of a mainly hispanic population. Can you promote the emergence of other cultural groups to further provide El paso with another cultural avenue? If so, how?

  8. Mike Guitard (submitted by Luke Minton)

    Do you believe El Paso needs more gun control and if so, how do you think gun control is working in Mexico?

  9. Lourdes Minton (submitted by Luke Minton)

    Do you support recycling even if it loses money? If so, how much are you willing to subsidize recycling efforts?

  10. Maria Melendez

    With last years recall vote being heavily promoted by a religious establishment, what are your plans in promoting laws disallowing this.

  11. Dominic Scotto

    Kids have alway thought that El Paso is a rather boring city. Thus when they go to college at citys that can provide them with a fun enviornment they do not return. colleges such as UT and Boston College can provide a fun enviornment while providing them with a great quality education. How can you provide a way to attract the children to come back to El Paso (reversing the brain drain)?

  12. Gyan Moorthy (on behalf of an anonymous individual)

    Do you feel that LGBT community that works for the city is entitled to the same city paid benefits as heterosexual workers?

  13. Linda

    To Mr. Leeser:

    You are mayor and Prop 7 did not pass. Over the course of two years, your office is flooded by complaints from city employees currently in domestic partnerships. They have been widely and egregiously discriminated. Knowing that something must be done to better protect them, city council votes to include language within the charter to ensure equal protection for all. However, you are the tie breaker before the issue can be posed to the voters once more.

    You know this for sure:

    El Paso is plagued by voter apathy. The 2012 presidential election marked the lowest voter turnout in 12 years in El Paso. Based on such dismal numbers, you know that those who hit the polls are not exactly representative of the rest of the population. 46% of the voting population voted. (that’s a fact)

    Knowing that Prop 7 did not pass, are your sympathies with the 46% of El Pasoans who voted in the last election and decided that not all El Pasoans are equal before the law or will your vote be for extending benefits and ensuring that all El Pasoans are protected – in spite of the voters.

  14. Carlos R.

    in reference to the Boston bombings and those who were involved, what is your stance on immigration?do you not believe that the restrictions should be pressed more?

  15. Amy Stell

    How do you feel/think about city council overturning the will of the voters regarding non-spousal insurance payments/benefits?

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