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69 thoughts on “Other

  1. Henry Hermawan

    Do you have any plans of investment in programs that will steer the youth away from negative life choices and more towards positive life choices?

  2. Pedro F.

    We live in a representative democracy, would you respect the vote of the citizens or choose to disregard our vote like Mayor Cook did when he overturned the domestic benefits vote?

  3. Jean-Paul Stanley

    What is your stance on improving retirement and health benefits for local police and fire department members?

  4. Mike Scotto

    El Paso has terrible and disgusting dust storms. With the river and some thoughts some of the dusty areas around El Paso can be replaced with trees limitating such horrid storms. What will you do to change this?

  5. Kurt Paxson(Grant Paxson)

    At what point in time do quality of life projects yield to a reasonable tax burden? How much is too much?

  6. Jan B

    When homeowners house appraisals increase, the homeowner can challenge the increase. However, lately, the individual taxing units are increasing their taxing percentages, which increases homeowner taxes “through the back door.” There is no way for a homeowner to challenge this type of tax increase. What would you do to help the homeowner in this situation?

    (For example: If each taxing entity increases a homeowners tax by $50, this could increase a homeowners property tax by hundreds of dollars per year.)

  7. Armida Escobar

    If the majority of voters decides against a particular issue, such as the medical coverage to unmarried and gay couples, would you be inclined to go against the voters decision or can you be persuaded by other factions?

  8. J. Contreras

    It seems like there is no transparency in the recent campaign contributions made to the candidates. My question is this: Can you pledge not to take any further campaign contributions from individuals, entities, or aligned interest who presently have business or are working on an issue before the city council?

    Thank you.

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