Under “Leave a Reply” at the bottom, ask your questions regarding the parks, roads, buildings, and other infrastructure maintained by the city.

41 thoughts on “Infrastructure

  1. Amanda

    How will the new baseball stadium affect the economics of El Paso, both positively and negatively? How will it change the quality of life?

  2. Amanda

    What, if anything, would you bring to El Paso to help draw more people to our city? Along with the baseball stadium, what else could bring people here? How will you use parks, libraries, and recreation centers to improve the quality of life?

  3. Osvaldo Olivo (Alondra Navarrete)

    Why can’t funds spent on for example, the new ball park, be spent rather on a loop above the freeway (making it a two-story freeway, if that makes sense. One like the one in San Antonio.)? Our city is so important, especially because it is a border city and many visitors come or pass by here, so I believe that is important.

  4. Terry D. (BMC)

    Given the historically low levels of water in Elephant Butte and Caballo resevoirs, what is El Paso’s current water supply situation and what will you do to secure AFFORDABLE supply for the future? Also, do we share the same bolson system with Mexico? If so, how do we monitor each other’s supply and usage?

  5. Pablo Rivera (karmen rivera)

    As city mayor, do you believe it’s more important to allocate taxpayer dollars towards infrastructure (such as the beautification of downtown) or education? Why?

  6. Elisa Rivera (karmen rivera)

    El Paso is a city that is obviously not built for extreme weather conditions. Last year, Coronado spent thousands of dollars fixing its piping system after it froze; school was cancelled for two days. How would you safeguard the city against such weather conditions?

  7. Zulfiqar Khan

    El Paso’s residential costs are much larger than other cities, such as Houston, due to the fact that private builders sell the land for ridiculously high prices. What would be your opinion on giving the city more power to auction residential land directly to the public sector? This would sell the land for the price it is worth and not exploit buyers.

  8. Margaret Grimsley

    What are your future plans to continue revamping downtown in order to attract more tourism therefor bringing in more revenue?

  9. Steve Wagner

    Growth for the sake of growth is just wastefull shoudlnt we instead of foucusing on expanding El Paso foucus on quality of life issues?

  10. Alberto Anguiano

    When will El Paso stop building spaghetti bowls and start funding schools and focusing on the generations of the future?

  11. Mark Mathews (Morgan Weiss)

    El Paso is an ideal location to collect solar power. What will you do, as mayor, to increase El Paso’s involvement with sustainable energy?

  12. Rogelio Diaz

    Other than the new baseball stadium what are some ideas that you have for improving the city? How will you be funding your projects?

  13. Marques Ramirez (Hector Posadas)

    “With the construction on Transmountain how do you plan to continue wildlife conservation with much of the habitats being destroyed due to construction of new infrastructure?”

  14. A. Vazquez del Mercado

    Many complain that El Paso is ugly. Do you have any plans to further beautify the city to promote a better appreciation of El Paso?

  15. Eric Gilson

    Mayor John Cook was very supportive of an ongoing youth-driven project that promotes a a new park along the Rio Grande. What are your feelings towards these youth involved projects?

  16. Aurora De Santis

    How do you plan to redirect traffic downtown after the stadium is built. How can the streets handle to flow of traffic after the games let out?

  17. Paul Daniggelis

    Do any of you plan more projects similar to the ones the previous administration has already encumbered the taxpayers with?

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