Evolving Downtown

Under “Leave a Reply” at the bottom, ask your questions regarding the new baseball stadium, demolision of City Hall and ASARCO, and other new developments in El Paso.

47 thoughts on “Evolving Downtown

  1. Carla Cos

    Is all the money being spent on downtown actually worth it? If so, besides the ballpark, what exactly is the money going to be spent on to make El Paso’s downtown community more vibrant?

  2. Misaki A. (Grace Xu)

    How can you guarantee that the destruction of City Hall for the baseball stadium will actually help El Paso, and not hurt it – as a bad investment?

  3. Ron Munden (Levi Kaip)

    With the creation of a baseball stadium downtown, more people are going to be attracted to the area. What are your plans to further revitalize the area to create a more vibrant downtown area which El Paso has been lacking?

  4. Claudia Garcia

    How would you promote commerce in the downtown area to modernize it and make it a more familiar environment so that there is no need to travel across El Paso for certain restaurants, stores, and other places?

  5. Stacey Woods

    What makes the city think that a baseball leage will be sucessful when the Diablos are struggling. What will you do to make this leage more sucessful?

  6. Ronald Woods

    How does demolishing a perfectly usful downtwon city hall building and paying 12 million dollars to buy the old El Paso Times building make fiscal sense?

  7. Brett Laird (Grant Paxson)

    Do you honestly feel that the new baseball field being built will be beneficial to the revitalization of downtown?

    1. Richard Thurman

      Do you support the construction of the baseball complex and the tearing down of City Hall, which was in perfect condition?

  8. Richard Thurman

    Do you support the construction of the baseball complex and the tearing down of City Hall, which was in perfect condition?

  9. Elyce Grodin

    What’s your purpose for destroying a perfectly good building for a baseball stadium when the city has the Diablo Stadium?

  10. Luis Gerardo Anguiano

    What kind of new businesses are going to be encouraged to set up downtown due to the construction of the ball park?

  11. America Armendariz

    Aside from the proposed ball park and other projects, what other projects would you like to bring to the city of El Paso to modernize it?

  12. Anna Morgan

    What will be your role with the city arbolist regarding his Downtown Tree Inventory that is currently in operation? Do you think it is important to help this project? What kind of effort will you put into the project?

  13. Adriana Diaz

    What are some of your plans to get people more involved in evolving downtown? And do your plans involve any type of job opportunities for the city?

  14. Luisa Stanley

    Considering the potential for high levels of traffic that will result from the establishment of the baseball park, what additional changes do you propose to both “evolve” downtown and avoid the chaotic traffic scenes observed in the downtown areas of other major metropolises?

  15. Roberto Alvarado (Hector Posadas)

    As of recently El Paso’s downtown has become more active, how do you plan to create El Paso’s downtown into a bustling area for tourism much like any other major cities?

  16. Abigail S. (Victoria Anderson)

    When will you start building the ballpark, and how long will it take? Will taxes be raised to pay for it?

  17. Jane S

    Was it necessarily for the destruction of city hall and the new stadium to be built? In what way does it improve El Paso if baseball in not a major sport in the area?

  18. Gyan Moorthy (on behalf of Apolonia Dominguez)

    How would you create and balance a budget for downtown revitalization while still trying to keep the interest of the people the priority abd concern with the preservation of down town history. /Taxes [in relation]

  19. Gyan Moorthy (on behalf of Sam Legate)

    Do you support the bond initiative recently passed by voters by 70+%? If no, why should you be elected to implement the initiative you don’t agree with?

  20. N. Yamawaki

    If the baseball stadium proves to be a bad investment, is there a backup plan? Can you, in some way, regain at least some of the money and effort put into this project?

  21. Joan Fargo

    Do we really expect there to be an increase in tourism, given that the team we already have has hardly any support?

  22. Guadalupe King

    What real benefit can come out of focusing such a large sum of city funds in an area like downtown when there are other areas that those funds would be better served?

  23. Susie Villa (submitted by Luke Minton)

    Is the pattern of tearing down a city building to allow private development something you would support in the future?

  24. Laurie Gilson

    The baseball stadium was decided upon without the consent of El Pasoans. Are you going to do anything to make sure that the voice of the people is always heard?

  25. Beth Bokal

    What should be done if the ball park does not go as planned? if it does not sell tickets, does not stir the El Paso economy, or bring businesses downtown? what will you push for then?

  26. Bea Navarette

    Aside from the new ballpark downtown, what other projects are planned to improve the quality of life downtown and elsewhere in the city? What future projects are there toimprove the quality of life for our children in El Paso?

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