City Benefits

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57 thoughts on “City Benefits

  1. Kyra Swander

    What, if anything, is going to be done regarding same sex benefits? Especially in light of the current deliberation at the Supreme Court on whether or not to legalize same sex marriage.

  2. Fernando Velarde (Alondra Navarrete)

    Instead of wasting the city funds on the current scheduled projects, wouldn’t it be better to spend them on things like family attractions such as Six Flags? It would definitely attract more tourists and perhaps even lure in people to live here in our city.

  3. Karla Canales

    How would you help El Paso move forward with all the improvements and changes that the city has been implementing?

  4. Sheel P

    How is it beneficial to knock down the Insights Museum to place a ball park. The insights museum has hosted numerous events and camps to enrich the kids who pursued a career in the STEM program. Isn’t that what our nation needs right now? The baseball park on the other hand will attract fans but will die down as it wouldn’t even host a MLB team. There obviously has been some corruption behind this creation, from the hard to understand proposition, to the demolition of also city council. What will you do to crack down on the corruption that has lead to this ballpark.

  5. Mary Margaret

    Is the new baseball stadium really neccessary? Why couldn’t we just renovate Cohen Stadium instead of wasting money and destroying buildings for a new one?

  6. John Nelson

    Taxes in El Paso are considerably high compared to other cities equal in size. How do you plan to continue moving forward and improving life in El Paso, without burdening the citizens with heavy taxes?

  7. Jordan Bokal

    Besides the baseball park, how will you continue to push for El Paso to develop into a livelier city? What ideas do you have so that El Paso is not just overlooked? And will you push for the propositions that were passed this last election so they can go into effect?

  8. Anonymous 1

    Are you running for Mayor because you see the city progressing on a “positive” path or are you pursuing the office of Mayor because you feel El Paso is headed in a negative direction? Either way, how would you fight to change what you feel is wrong or continue what you think is good and positive for our community?

  9. Ruth Chacon

    What are you planning to do about the length of employment in terms of city workers and the insurance benefits they attain?

  10. David Velasco

    El Paso has some of the highest property taxes in the state, do you have a plan to cut the tax, but stil bring in the same amount of revenue?

  11. Jesus Ramos

    Hearing about the Boston Massacre and the police officer at MIT, how safe/ how well prepared is he city against terrorist attacks?

  12. Veronica Gonzalez

    Are you planning to add anything to El Paso so families have more recreational places to go to? I.e. amusement parks, water parks

  13. Frances Thurman

    In economic times as theses, what will you do to ensure a balanced city budget without growing the government?

  14. Rusty Schwartz

    30 years ago El Paso was compatible with Phoenix, San Antonia, Albuquerque, Tucson; however, now we are extremely far behind in every aspect, how will you bring our city up to meet them?

  15. Suzanne Lozano

    What actions are being taken, regarding the health threats, particularly mesothelioma, that the recent demolition of Asarco poses to the inhabitants of near by areas?

  16. Branson Baca (Hector Posadas)

    “Recently some a bill was passed in El Paso expanding Parks and Recreation in El Paso. How do you plan to speed up the process in which the pools and recreational facilities are built to accommodate the needs of the citizens of El Paso?”

  17. Edgar Llamas (Hector Posadas)

    “What do you plan to do with the new baseball stadium, this will obviously bring in some sort of revenue, do you plan do use the baseball stadium to jumpstart the tourism in El Paso?”

  18. Joseph Mullings

    As mayor, will you continue to promote El Paso as a friendly city? What will you do to ensure that El Paso serves young families?

  19. Donald Ridenour

    How would you increase productivity among city employees and or houw could you cut the number of city employees?

  20. Sharon Ridenour

    Would you consider the privitization of some services such as El Paso Disposal and things to that nature, Sun Metro management was taken over by an out of town firm and it helped tremendously?

  21. Elaine Boushka

    Besides focusing on being “business friendly,” what are you planning on doing to improve parks and quality of life for our teens?

  22. Kim Rodriguez

    What is your stance on making a riverwalk in El Paso similar to the one in San Antonio in order to attract businesses and tourists?

  23. Enrique Barbier

    How will you deal with the pollution problem that we face in El Paso being so close to the New Mexico landfill?

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