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58 thoughts on “Transportation

  1. Tony M.

    With El Paso’s growing population, there is a possible need for increased public transportation. How are you prepared to make changes to accommodate changes like these in El Paso?

  2. Eduardo Grajeda

    What good will come out of creation of the new toll lane, and do you think it is necessary and wise to spend money on it, when in reality it does not create a huge benefit for the citizens of el paso

  3. Hilda U.

    There are currently various construction sites in different points of the city such as downtown, doniphan and the northeast, all of these have been under construction for quite some time now, and really slow up traffic making it very inefficient to use these areas during peak hours, what will you do to speed up the process of these constructions sites and how will you ensure that these type of situations do not occur again?

  4. Sawyer S. -West

    The public transportation around El Paso varies greatly when traveling between the different sides of town. What are you planning to do to develop more practical methods of transportation around the entirety of the city?

  5. Steve. R (Upper Valley)

    As roads are being improved, it seems no matter which way I go to work i hit more road work. I am not the only one with this issue and it is a great inconvenience. How will you address this issue?

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