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46 thoughts on “Taxes

  1. Amy S. (west)

    How difficult is it to make voters aware that property taxes are how we pay for education? That the lack of funding directly affects our children and grandchildren?

  2. Norma S (west side)

    Property taxes are the highest in Texas. Will we see any relief? Will the property owners be responsible for funding the clinics that are to be opened around the city?

  3. Abraham G. Sr.

    What do you propose to do to minimize the duplication of services of the city and county entities in an effort to save money for the taxpayers?

  4. Claire L

    Given the high percentage of foreign shoppers in our city, would you be a propionate of restricting the tax refund? In order to alleviate property tax payers in El Paso, you give back 90% to the foreign consumer, as appose to the way it is now, which is a refund of 100% of their sales tax. (Upper Valley)

  5. Giridhar A., (westside of El Paso)

    The property taxes are very high and they are increasing every year. Will you help us by reducing the property taxes?

  6. Jan B

    Property taxes are increasing by small increments in such a way that property owners are voiceless. What can you do to stop this increase through the back door?

  7. Gyan M. (Westside)

    As County Judge, what will you do to help attract businesses to El Paso and ensure that downtown (and sub-business district) property values are at appropriate levels, so that the commercial tax base accounts for a larger share of city revenue?

  8. Melissa M

    The El Paso County jail system has been accused of being the most expensive jail system per inmate in the state of Texas.
    Is this true? If so, what are you planning on doing about this?

  9. Daniel O.

    How do you plan to allocate taxpayer money? Will you improve funding for schools and educational programs, or will you used the budget for restoration programs for the city?

  10. George S. (Westside)

    As the County Commissioners have oversight of the University Medical Center Operating Budget, what will the affect of ObamaCare and the expansion of Medicaid services have on property taxes as it relates to the Hospital District Tax rate. It would seem logical that the population accessing services at the hospital will have insurance coverage to pay for those services thus less dependence on Hospital District Tax revenue. What will you do to control and reduce these taxes?

  11. Christel M.

    Christel M. (west)
    This question is for Aliana Apodaca, in lieu of raising taxes, what budget cuts will you be making and who will these cuts affect?

  12. Ryan M. (West)

    I recently graduated from college and got a job on the West side and decided to purchase a house. Why does property tax seem to be so high on the West side?

  13. Elena B. (Upper Valley)

    Property taxes in El Paso are extremely high, making it hard for people to afford a home in our county. What do you plan to do about lower the property taxes and will they increase anytime soon?

  14. Cristy Z. (West)

    Property taxes are hurting small businesses like my husband’s and I. We are constantly having to shovel out money from our back pockets to pay this growing expenditure. What will you do to ensure these taxes are lowered, both benefiting small businesses and homeowners alike?

  15. Jacob T. [Lower Valley]

    What assurance do the people have that their tax dollars are being used effectively. Do you have a plan on how the taxes are going to be changed in the next year if their are, and if they are lowered where will the cuts be centered, and if they are raised will the people be told of where the new funds are being allocated to?

  16. Kumuda P. (Westside)

    Property taxes have been on the rise in El paso for the past decade. However, this does not have to be a problem if the tax payer money is employed in effiecient ways that come back to the people. What will you do to help ensure this proper spending of taxes occurs?

  17. Eugenio A.

    The city makes it very difficult for a small, new business to start up and prosper due to the extensive bureaucratic processes and high tax rates imposed on them. Where is all the tax money going, and how will El Paso become more small business-friendly in the future?

  18. Miranda S.

    With the recent increase in taxes in El Paso because of the baseball stadium, what does the county judge expect to do to decrease the amount of taxes?

  19. Nina B

    Admittedly, property taxes help pay for education, but how are you going to help give homeowners a voice in how high taxes are raised?

  20. Becky Guerrero - central

    Judge Escobar, why do you continue to state that you have only raised
    taxes 1 and a half cents when in actuality it has gone up 4 cents (per$100 valuation)?

  21. Patricia M. (West Side)

    What are your thoughts on the increase in tax rates being so unproportionally large as compared to the minor increases in wages and salaries?

  22. Mary S.

    As citizens of El Paso it seems as though our taxes are used inefficiently. For example we have the most expensive County jail in the state of Texas.How do you think you could reorganize the use of our taxes and use money more efficiently?

  23. Dr. Jagdish Patel

    All the private physicians in El Paso County pay their share of taxes. The county hospitlas are supported by these taxes, and when UMC decided on opening up clinics all over the city. How do you feel about this? Do you agree that they should get the opinions and support of those taxpayers that played a significant role in helping them start up UMC clinics? i

  24. Lucy A. (Upper Valley)

    With the new baseball stadium being built, El Pasoans were told it will be paid for through the revenue coming in from tourism. However, Triple A baseball is not exactly the greatest tourist attraction. So if that plan fails, how will you address the financial bind the city will be in? Would you be in favor of raising taxes to pay off the stadium? Or will you work to keep our taxes as low as possible? If so, how?

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