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74 thoughts on “Other

  1. It is my understanding that Franklin High School is getting a new stadium and a new swimming pool. Why is it this occurring when Coronado High School is in greater need of new facilities? How is it determined how funds are distributed to each high school and how can we be sure that resources are being distributed equitably?

  2. What have been the most effective methods for improving court procedures
    and efficiency? What have you personally accomplished in this field?

  3. I agree with El Paso’s new “zero tolerance for drunk driving” policies but what exactly will be done to follow through with this aside from setting fines? Will the city provide public transportation to run at night to avoid getting people to drink and drive or does the city expect people to simply stop going to bars?

  4. You recently co-signed a letter asking President Obama to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, does that mean you’ll seek to fully legalize marijuana use within your district, whether it be strictly for medical uses or otherwise?

  5. Despite having one of the best engineering schools in the country in our district, there are almost no engineering jobs to be found in El Paso, forcing competent graduates to look elsewhere for financial opportunity. What are your plans to bring companies to El Paso looking for engineers rather than having our students be outsourced elsewhere to seek employment?

  6. Do you support the downtown revitalization project? If so, then do you also support the tax break for businesses (like hotels) in the downtown area while other hotels that are not located downtown do not benefit from a tax break?

  7. Do you believe there is under-representation of women or people of color in the court system? If
    so, how would you work to correct the problem?

  8. How do you plan to staff appointed boards and committees? Do political or professional qualifications enter into this decision? How?

  9. How will you and your staff make the population of El Paso more active and engaged in politics, or how will you inform them on what your plans and objectives for your term as a county judge are?

  10. Given all the growth and development in the county, what do you see as the role if the county in regulating this growth? Should the County continue the status quo or is it time to engage in a more progressive approach including incorporating smart growth principles into the County’s land use regulation?

  11. I am interested to know if the county has a sold disaster and emergency preparedness plan in place. It appears in my view that we normally just react to situations as they arise (as in RUN get whatever sandbags you can because it’s flooding!) and it would be comforting to know that there was a plan for conceivable events, i.e., train derailment, flooding, and perhaps even more serious/catastrophic events (especially considering out military base here). Thanks!

  12. Should the El Paso Children’s Hospital cost taxpayers any money? There’s news of a shake up involving the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and an audit showing that the UMC/County is helping the Hospital make its payroll and operational cost. How can that be fixed?

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