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43 thoughts on “Health

  1. Jack B.

    We are taughtt in school that a free market usually leads to the best run and most efficient businesses. Are you concerned that university medical center community clinics, and the new Children´s hospital(all funded by taxpayer money) are increasingly interfering with private hospitals and clinics and distorting the health care market place in El Paso, leading to lower quality health care for El Pasoans?

  2. Abraham G. Sr.

    How can you reconcile the expenditure of 150 million dollars to build 5 additional county clinics when patients have difficulties getting an appointment to be sen at the University Medical Center?

  3. Ileana K

    Upper Valley: Last year El Paso County Commissioners, approved $152 million dollars for new clinics that would directly compete with local private practice doctors. This large amount of money was approved without the voters consent. How will you justify allowing such a large amount of money in addition to the money already given to UMC?

  4. Jordan B

    My family recently had an accident on Upper Valley Road and because of the closing of Country Club Road, the 911 response team was unable to get to the scene of the accident as quickly as usual. Does the funding of these closed roads include an alternative way to access county emergency services? How do you feel about the bad planning of the closing of Country Club Road?

  5. Dawn C.

    Mental health care in El Paso is extremely limited. There are very few resources for parents to utilize when their children are in need of counseling. Are there any plans to try and recruit mental health providers to the area?

  6. Gus. H

    ( To Margret Olivas ) On the use of the clinics of the county, Record shows that the number people using the clinics of the county are increasing. The question is how many people are indigent. Can you give you give us a number? In order To show that you are not in competition with the private sector.

  7. Chetan M.

    In light of increasing pressure on funding for medical care, what can we do to help Texas Tec fulfill it’s teaching mission and at the same time ensure that UMC fulfills its mission of meeting the medical needs of El Paso’s citizens?

  8. Andrew M (Westside-Mountain)

    As a student who will begin Medical School in August, I am very concerned about access to health care for residents of the colonias.
    What are your plans to expand health care access in the county?

  9. Ricardo N. (As told to Alondra N.)

    (Northeast) Can you make it possible for every citizen and resident that is in the labor force to receive some sort of health insurance? Accidents happen often in workplaces, and often, because of financial problems, we don’t have the correct coverage or support we workers need.

  10. Gina R, westside

    Do you have any plans to encourage young El Paso students to want to practice medicine in El Paso at the medical clinics that are going to be built?

  11. Mary C.

    What will be done to ensure that University Medical Center will remain available to people who do not have insurance or cannot afford the medical care they need?

  12. Nick G.

    El Paso has one of the best health institutions in Texas, what are you going to do to get the word out about this in order to attract more doctors to El Paso?

  13. Alex L

    What do you believe will be the greatest impact obamacare will have in our region and to our local businesses. This can be either positive or negative? (West side)

  14. Gina rogers

    How can you award 152 million dollars in funding to build three new medical clinics in El Paso When there is already a shortage of doctors? How are you so sure that medical students attending the medical school across from UMC Proper are willing to stay here in El Paso?

  15. Kenneth B.

    What would you think of an ambulance company possibly competing for the county contract if they could consistently provide a paramedic on every ambulance in comparison with current company which cannot guarantee this. What is the advantage in keeping the current contract?

  16. Daniel P.

    Medical care is known to be a long and drawn our process even for the simplest of things. What could be done to improve the efficiency of medical care in El Paso?

  17. Peter N.

    Many doctors and citizens are facing the repercussions of illegal immigration into our city’s healthcare system. What will you do to help minimize the number of immigrants who are crossing the border illegally to obtain “free healthcare”, even though it is coming at the expense of our taxpayers and our hardworking physicians?

  18. Rueben E.

    Considering that medical clinics are being built in El Paso, which will compete with private practices, how will the county judge influence the amount of monies funneled to these public clinics, and justify the higher taxes to provide for the medical treatment?

  19. Robertha S.

    There are many youths and poverty stricken people in El Paso that are not unable to afford insurance and are therefore unable to receive proper medical attention. Is there any way you would change that?

  20. Cassandra C. [West El Paso]

    Do you think El Paso will need to use incentives to encourage young people to seek professions in the medical field after the affordable care act takes place?

  21. Bruce A. [Upper Valley El Paso]

    Are the newly approved and taxpayer funded UMC outpatient clinics sustainable in light of the fact that Texas is not going to except the federally funded medicaid expansion from the Affordable Care Act, and in light of the fact that UMC and it’s clinics are largely dependent upon medicaid funding?

  22. Carlos Villanueva

    During the summer, there is a considerable amount of mosquitoes that may contain viruses along the farwest and near upper valley. Will the city of El Paso provide for the control and reduction of mosquitoes?

  23. Alberto Q - upper valley

    Why do you continue to subsidize the physicians at Texas Tech/UMC to the detriment of private physicians and at the expense of tax payers?

  24. Vangie Q - upper valley

    Why were UMC taxes increased to cover a supposed $4 million deficit when the auditors reported that there was a $4 million surplus in the hospital budget?

  25. Chris M. (West Side)

    Everyone talks about the Affordable Care Act in terms of being so helpful to individual people but what about the detriments to corporations and those proffesionals in the medical field. Is there any local legislature or policies that would aid those who are going to suffer? Do you think any future decisions you make or any influence you have, whether direct or indirect, will help?

  26. Amanda N

    How will you attempt to deal with the issue of illegal immigrants in the terms of healthcare, specifically with the manipulation of free healthcare for them whilst forcing the taxpayers to pay for this manipulation?

  27. Martha R. (Lower Valley)

    El Paso faces a growing pollution problem, particularly in the form of contaminated water beds and increased air pollution from daily commuters as well as from our sister city of Juarez. What are your plans to market green energy, specifically solar energy, as a successfully alternate energy source in a place where it’s sunny year round?

  28. Vicente A.

    What will you do to ensure that the UMC stays accessible to underpriveleged citizens and how will illegal immigrants have health care, or do you not have them in your political agenda?

  29. Mary P. (central el paso)

    In regards to the recent wave of health concerns regarding “roach coaches”, what reforms will be introduced to promote better city health and nutrition?

  30. Yvonne S. -West

    Many of the local schools have issues with the proper disposal of wastes which leads to dirty campuses and health issues. What can you do to help the sanitation issue where it transitions from school’s responsibility to the public’s responsibility?

  31. Paula G.

    what kind of role would you have in stemming the flow of drugs through El Paso and the high schools here? How strictly would you enforce the law?

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