County Employees

Under “Leave a Reply” at the bottom, ask your questions regarding county employment and the possible new County Manager.

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17 thoughts on “County Employees

  1. Nahed K.

    Does the structure of the county departments and role of the County Manager provide for a flexible and efficient transition for new employees and how?

  2. Miranda R, westside

    With El Paso having the most expensive jail in the state of Texas, do you have a plan to bring these expenses into line with the others around the state?

  3. Mike Scotto

    as someone involved with the business sector of El Paso it frightens me to see that El Paso experiences a brain drain every year. the youth leave as there are better opportunities in terms of monetary gains, and better tax rates to compliment the higher pay. is there any incentive program you could possible provide in order to persuade the youth to stay and possible spark an economic progress in El Paso?

  4. David Alvarez

    David A. (East)
    Are shared services among local governments important? What roles do the collaboration of the people in this play?

  5. Blanca P. (Upper Valley)

    Since there has been ample corruption in the county government, especially in the office of County Judge, what provisions, rules, etc. do you have in mind to instill on the county government that would make operations and transactions less transparent and according to our county governing rules?

  6. Margret T. [Westside]

    Federal, State, and local governments as a whole are infamous for inefficiency and self perpetuating nature. How will you work to curb, and maybe stop, this thorn in the peoples side.

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