The Economy

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18 thoughts on “The Economy

  1. Kara McLean

    We have had several security breaches through major retailers which have compromised personal credit information yet credit card companies have not updated cards to include state of the art protective measures. Is it time for the federal government to mandate such protective measures?

  2. Ethan Katz

    American capital is invested offshore because of lower taxation rates. How do we get that capital to come home and how do we encourage capital from other countries to be invested in America?

  3. Ryan Lam

    As a border-town, El Paso’s economy has and will always be closely tied with that of our neighbors across the national boundary. Cheaper costs for labor and manufacturing have seen industry outsourced to countries such as Mexico, while our border-cities lead the nation in unemployment. What plans do you have to bring jobs back home to the United States, when we cannot compete with the miserly low cost of labor in Mexico ($50/60 hour working week) and other foreign nations (Chinese workers get paid approximately $1.75/hour of labor)

  4. Cesar Tarin

    Colorado is the first state to legalize marijuana and has seen a lot of businesses and other businesses spring up that sell marijuana related products. Do you believe that if marijuana were to be legalized throughout the country there would be a same affect, and in turn help boost the economy and better the unemployment rate?

  5. Katrina Schydlower

    With the rise of new economic competitors in China and India, many experts believe that in addition to human capital, the United States must address it’s aging physical infrastructure. How can we address our aging roads, bridges, water systems, power grids, airports, and other public works to sustain our global competitiveness? How do we pay for these needed investments?

  6. Carmen M

    “President Obama’s effort to raise the minimum wage to 9/hr has not been very successful, potentially placing pressure on states and localities to compensate. What is your position on this issue. Do you believe the 9/hr goal is feasible in the short run or do you foresee any other complications?”

  7. Robert Ramirez

    Who on has read the book “Free to Choose”? What principle from the book would you use to boost El Paso’s economy?

  8. Among the many Constitutional Amendments that people are pushing for to significantly change our system of government, one of the most widely discussed is one that effectively repeals Citizen’s United and curbs corporations or peoples’ (however you see it) ability to donate to Political Action Committees and other political campaigns. Would you support such an amendment why or why not?

  9. This year the IRS has fallen into a swirl of controversy, and the stories that have spun out from this controversy have been hard to swallow, the crashing computer hard-drives containing e-mails which may or may not contain incriminating evidence, for example have been cause for much concern to taxpaying citizens who cannot deliver these same sort of excuses when trying to get out of trouble with the IRS. What’s to be done here? Is this an issue? Does this or does this not undermine the legitimacy of such a powerful institution?

  10. Chapman B

    How will you address and adjust to the shifting economy including the unstable stock market related to El Paso and inflation and tax changes not just as a whole but in our area specifically.

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