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25 thoughts on “Other

  1. Melinda Hsieh

    How do you plan to respond to harmful emissions that are polluting and are affecting our communities air and water while establishing environmental education to raise awareness and have the community to work in a collaborative effort?

  2. Christopher Hernandez

    What is your stance on the regulation and ownership of private firearms? Although it is a constitutional right to own firearms, should we as Americans place more regulations on firearms, reduce regulations, or leave regulations as they are now?

  3. Chase Hogeboom

    Do you believe it is more important to introduce and pass new legislation or work to repeal old legislation that has been already been passed and can be viewed as unneeded or even harmful to your constituents?

  4. Elise Puschett

    What is your stance on climate change and how would you promote this view within Congress? Would this view affect your voting patterns on legislation for research projects or the environment?

  5. Lucas Reyes

    How will you vote on legislation regarding alternative energy, specifically solar and wind power? Do you believe that they can provide a solution to the worlds energy problems?

  6. Mathew Livingston

    1: Many of each of your goals focus specifically on the El Paso area. How will you avoid other Congress members accusing you of “pork-barreling” so that you may actually gain funding for local projects?

    2: Congressman Beto O’Rourke states that he will support bills limiting term limits of Congress members to three terms (or six years). Do each of you think this is enough time to sufficiently represent our district?

  7. Sam Barron

    If you were to be elected, what would your primary goal be? Would you be more focused on serving the nation as a whole or this district? If so, how would you do it?

  8. Hector Garcia

    Do you believe that ISIS is still a possible threat to the El Paso area considering that just last month they were threatening to attack Fort Bliss?

  9. Victoria Steadman

    What steps do you recommend the government take to protect the citizens of the United States against Ebola, and how can we treat citizens who come back from Africa with the disease? How are we going to prevent the spread of the disease once the citizens are back from Africa?

  10. Hector Garcia

    What is your perspective on the lack of political representation of atheists considering that no one in Congress identifies themselves as an atheist?

  11. Estevan Mesa

    Living in the desert, there is no question that water is a scarce and precious resource that is not only critical to El Paso residents, but also to the agricultural industry. Recently, Texas sued New Mexico over water in the Rio Grande claiming that New Mexico has allowed groundwater pumping in the Mesilla Valley to reduce the amount of the Rio Grande water that should flow into Texas. Do you think that Texas should work with New Mexico to find a regional solution, or should Texas focus on a solution that serves our state’s needs and let New Mexico fend for itself?

  12. Anthony Adame

    Our primary concern at the moment should be the environment. Prevention is the key. What plans do you have to initiate more eco-friendly policies?

  13. Itzel rouse

    Have you ever ever consider lowering the prices on taxi cabs during the night or incorporating an all night public transportation to decrease the number of drunk drivers on the road?

  14. Itzel rouse

    Have you consider lowering the prices on taxi cabs during the night or incorporating an all night public transportation in order to decrease the number of drunk drivers on the road?

  15. Wendy Jones

    “You ran for Congress as a pro-pot legalization candidate in 2012, but it seems you have focused on other hometown issues like immigration and veterans affairs since entering office. How will you push for the end of marijuana prohibition if elected this year?”

  16. Debra Young

    What is your goal: to maneuver in Congress in order to become a lifetime politician or to accomplish one or two major, helpful, impactful changes (in a maximum of 2, 2-year-terms) to return our nation to the greatness our Founding Fathers launched and move out to give place to another person energized to do the same that you then support?

  17. Unknown

    1. What are your main legislative priorities?

    2. How can you justify voting for a bill that will require even more money that we don’t have?

  18. Adrean Quintana

    If any changes could be made to the current system of government, what would they be and what could be done to make them more beneficial to society?

  19. David D

    How do you feel about H.R. 2959 (The Right-To-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2013) whereby a valid concealed handgun person would be able to carry in any other state? What are your views about weapon ownership of any type? I wouldn’t like what happened in NY to happen in TX or nation wide.

  20. If elected or re-elected upon swearing your oath to uphold our U.S. Constitution please explain what that means to you, and would you vote for something that was controversial in that such actions are not expressly allowed under Article One powers granted to Congress.

  21. Many people across the United States who appear to be from the conventional left and right of the political spectrum appear to be in favor of supporting an Article V Constitutional Convention, also known as a Con-Con. Such an event would bring delegates from all fifty states together to “fix” what they claim is our outdated and broken system of national government. There are many people who strongly oppose this movement as well. Would you or would you not be in favor of such an impactful event taking place.

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