Under “Leave a Reply” at the bottom, ask your questions regarding the candidates’ plans for immigration policy.

20 thoughts on “Immigration

  1. Melinda Hsieh

    How do you plan to completely secure the border through technology and structures, in addition to discourage the abuse of the visa system?

  2. Lucas Reyes

    Do you plan to encourage immigration reform in regards to immigrant amnesty? If not how will you change our current policies and procedures directed towards illegal immigrants?

  3. Yolanda Sanchez

    What solution would you offer to the American-born citizens whose parents, working illegally, are deported from the country – forcing them to chose whether to separate from their families while staying in the US, or to go back to their parents’ native country, where they would not enjoy their rights as American citizens?

  4. Diego De La Torre

    How does each candidate feel on the immigration issues happening right now with people migrating from South and Central America and the issue of border safety?

  5. If elected to Washington how will you support Border Patrol in securing our nations Borders and protect our nation’s sovereignty? Do you believe legalizing Marijuana is a good idea for our community?

  6. Donna P

    What should the U.S. Policy towards the parents of underage children be when the parents are illegal residents but their children are U.S. citizens?

  7. Mr. O Hara

    What is the current status of our border security and immigration policies? The concern isn’t as much about the people who came over here to honestly improve their lives but about the criminal element. However, how are we addressing the fact that the order situation is severely impacting our nation financially? It’s often a case of helping the border crossers at the expense of our own citizens. When is the U.S Congress going to address this issue in a nonpartisan way to come up with real solutions?

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