Health Care

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16 thoughts on “Health Care

  1. Kara McLean

    Is there anything being done by Customs/Border Patrol to address the potential entry of a person with the Ebola virus through the El Paso International Airport or bridges.

  2. Atmika Anireddy

    The health insurance companies are not paying for physician hospital lab CT MRI and essential medicines. What is going to be done about that?

  3. Karime Martinez

    Concerning the recent cuts on hospitals and health care centers. More jobs in the health care area are being cut, and during times like this with the Ebola outbreak there is a major need for health care facilities and specialists. As a student who wants to go into the health care area how can I be guaranteed that I will find a job position in the health care area? As well as what proper measures would you take during this sudden Ebola outbreak due to the cuts and the overwhelming need for specialists and health care centers?

  4. Victoria Obregon

    What else can the government do to help children with obesity problems overcome this factor in the US? Do you think what we are doing now is moving us forward fast enough?

  5. Victoria Obregon

    Is there anything else we could do about the children in our country with obesity problems? Do think that what the government is doing now us moving us forward fast enough?

  6. Patricia Dufour RN

    Why are we not closing our US borders to prevent Ebola from becoming a huge health concern here and throughout the US? Why don’t we quarantine everyone who comes into the country from a foreign country for the 21 day incubation period? If we can deal with all those recent immigrants by using military barracks, etc., then we should be able to set up quarantine stations near airports.

  7. Rachel

    Reportedly, 4,000 Fort Bliss soldiers have departed to Ebola-ridden West Africa. Is there a protocol in place or being discussed that addresses their return ie. a quarantine period with subsequent follow-up after 90 days since semen survives up to 90 days after infection?

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