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34 thoughts on “Education

  1. Sheridan C.

    How do you feel about the increasing focus on rules (regarding dress code, electronics, etc.) going on in schools, and do you think it is having a negative effect on education?

  2. Melissa Hankele

    1)What’s being done with the undocumented Hispanics crossing the border with no where to stay? Will there be further advances in health for them?
    2)Is it being considered to build a high-speed rail system in Texas?

  3. Andre Aguilar

    Our world is encompassing a new technological era, where textbooks are viewed as ancient and decrepit methods of learning. My question is, would you support a movement of revolutionizing the Texas educational system (Or at least in El Paso) by replacing all of textbooks used in schools by electronic and interactive textbooks? Why or why not?

  4. Michael Rincon

    Many families in the Southwestern United States are heavily influence by cultures from south of the border. Unfortunately, education is not one aspect of their culture that greatly influences their every day lives. Many children in the El Paso area are not at the educational level that they should be, and many adults are heavily under-educated. My question is, how are we going to change the community’s stance on education in order to create an educational environment that can help to further progress our community?

  5. Mateo

    Some schools have started to allow electronics to be used as an alternative to regular textbooks or as a helpful tool during school. What is your stance on changing the educational system in Texas to allow the use of technology during school?

  6. Chase Hogeboom

    One way to improve public education without spending more money is to cut the bureaucracy and red tape that can make it difficult for educators to do their jobs. How would you propose accomplishing this?

  7. Ryan Lam

    Over recent years, El Paso’s educational system has become synonymous with incompetence, inefficiency, and corruption. From embezzlement to fraudulent testing practices, El Paso’s public schools have been through a crucible, and as a result have been subject to aggressive budget cuts that have caused loss of programs and jobs. Yet, even as these losses occur, administration have re-furnished offices, new, expensive, school facilities have been (and are being) built, maintenence of older buildings has gone neglected, and the EPISD has spent tens of thousands of dollars for new chromebooks for the reduced cost of digital textbooks without definitive answers for liability should one of these $210 dollar devices become ‘misplaced’ or damaged. The question is, Congressmen, what contingencies do you have in mind to prevent and/or check the graft and impotence that have plagued our schools at the cost of the students and community? And, what plans do you have to ensure that no more beloved instructors or programs are lost due to what is, in my mind, misappropriation of federal funds.

  8. Elise Puschett

    Research shows that 33% of El Paso’s registered voters have not voted in nearly a decade. Would you promote political participation of students within schools and, if so, what procedures and legislation would you put forth to do so?

  9. Cesar Tarin

    Over the past few years the United States has declined in areas of study like math and science, losing the race against countries like China and India. Why do you believe this downward trend has continued over the past few years, and how do you believe the trend can be reversed?

  10. Karime Martinez

    Do you believe that that tuition costs should be lowered so more graduating high school students can afford to go to college?

  11. Dayana Martin

    How do feel about the decreasing number of funding for children getting bullied and abused during school, do you believe we should make more interesting programs for children so they take in consideration the importance of the issue.

  12. Sam Barron

    What do you feel should be done in our school system? Do you believe that more money should be put into it? Why or why not? Also how do you feel about standardized testing?

  13. Manny Rodriguez

    1. How do you plan on fixing the education system in Texas?
    2. What approach should we take on the spending of money on education?

  14. Mackenzy M.

    Would a social reform be an appropriate approach when speaking to younger adults such as teens about their future when deciding to pursue higher education?

  15. Anthony Adame

    A majority of El Paso’s citizens speak Spanish, but there seems to be lack of motivation to teach foreign languages. No one believes that a non native speaker can enroll in a foreign language class and come out fluent in a new language, even if they take all the available levels. How would you approach this problem?

  16. Alanna Belmont

    Colleges regularly nee students to take remedial classes before they are ready for college-level classes, and businesses complain that new hires do not have the educational background needed to succeed in the workplace. What is your plan to ensure that students get an education that will truly prepare them for college and the business world?

  17. Itzel rouse

    As you know, some schools in the state of Texas have already went from textbooks to iPads. Do you consider the change to be good for the students in El Paso Texas or another distraction for the students that will waste a lot of funds that could be use in a more useful manner?

  18. Marah A.

    Do you believe that the new, and coming technology that in now entering El-Paso Independent School Ditrict, is helping students progress more in thier hard work or do you think that the large textbooks approach is a more effective way to to help the students of El-Paso grow better intellectually?

  19. Diana J.

    Do you believe that flipped classrooms which are becoming more commonly used, help students learn better than a regular classroom setting?

  20. Diego De La Torre

    Over the course of the last years, America’s global ranking in education has dropped below several countries. What legislation would you propose to fix the schooling system to make education more accessible and better quality for everyone?

  21. Joseph Gurule

    Why is the government requiring state testing, yet it is clear that the students are not learning the proper material? Why would the state rather have students learn material based on a single test, yet they cannot answer simple core subject questions?

  22. Akhila Anireddy

    1. How do you expect to make education and spending better?
    2. How do you feel about state testing and use of electronics in education?

  23. Andrea Estrada

    How will you address the ever growing difficulty college graduates face to find quality jobs, in hopes of not only moving forward in their life but also in attempt to unencumber themselves of student loans?

  24. Diego G

    how will my child be promised the opportunity to get an education if, by the looks of it, we cant afford a college education for them similarly then for themselves?

  25. Taylor C

    What is your stance on religion’s role in education? Even though it isn’t taught, children can still be excused for those reasons.

  26. Mariana Del Campo

    With the city so close to the border, its probable that there are many undocumented students going to El Paso schools. Many ways of financial aid and scholarships require students to be legal citizens of the US in order to apply. How can students like these that do well in school and are involved in extracurricular activities gain the advantage that other documented students have? How can tuition to a university be paid for?

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