About Us

Mission Statement:
WE aims to inspire and engage an untapped resource in modern politics–the high school student. WE, a student organization, promotes the youth to take power of their political now. WE aims to be the vehicle for progression for youth involvement in politics in America, giving high school students a legitimate voice that will be respected nationwide.

WE Involve
WE is a student-generated, non-partisan organization that allows the youth to interact in an environment open to innovative political thought. WE upholds the importance of the youth perspective and their ability to influence their communities. With WE, students take responsibility and accountability for their political now and future.  Democracy should never encourage its citizens to be spectators. It becomes the duty of the youth to prevent democracy from becoming a spectator sport through political activism. By doing so, the youth build a foundation that may be perpetuated into the future.

WE Inspire
Voting, while the most simple form of political engagement, is not the only  way to influence politics. Voting provides no insurance that the goals of the 
voter will be acted upon. The most effective form of political engagement is direct involvement, and WE encourages its members to become direct participants in the political process. By doing so, the youth show that they refuse to allow  politicians to ignore important issues and demand effective action. WE aims to create a generation that is proactive, not reactive. The youth need to bring their ideas to the playing field where they can be acted upon and be made concrete.

WE Impact
People do not become politically wise at age 18 when they gain the right to vote. It takes years of cultivating understanding before they are able to 
appreciate and act on their self-interest. WE gives the student the environment needed to develop and advocate their self-interest– a collective self-interest WE believes will advance our society.