WE(fillintheblank) abides by the motto “actual, productive solutions by youth” in selecting and designing our projects and events.

Upcoming Events:

District 7 School Board Appointment Forum:

10/25/17 in the Lee Ross Capshaw Fine Arts Auditorium at Coronado High School at 6:00 pm

WE(fillintheblank) will be hosting a forum for the applicants for the vacant EPISD District 7 School Board position. Though this is not an election, WE encourage everyone, especially those who live in the District 7 Feeder Pattern, to attend and learn about your potential representatives. The forum will consist of two parts:

  1. Each candidate will have a total of 15 minutes to answer questions written by WE(fillintheblank) and read by the current board members, with WE(fillintheblank) moderators present only to ask for clarification or keep the applicants on track.
  2. The six current board members will be asked to take the stage for a question and answer portion in which the WE(fillintheblank) moderators will be asking questions submitted through Twitter with the hashtag #SBFDis7 and on paper ballots collected during the first part of the forum.

WE(fillintheblank) has agreed to host this forum despite the lack of community ability to engage in the selection process in order to provide greater transparency and accountability to the community. However, we are only hosting this forum as a means to provide the community with information, and would like to make clear that WE(fillintheblank) holds absolutely no responsibility in selecting the applicant and maintains a position of not only neutrality, but complete separation from the selection process. The six current board members alone are tasked with appointing one of the four applicants to the vacant position, and as such they will be answering the community’s questions.

Before the forum, WE (fillintheblank) interviewed the current school board members with the questions that were also asked to the applicants. The following videos compare both the board members’ and the applicants’ responses to the questions formulated by WE (fillintheblank)

Question 1: Where is the distinction between an educator and a board member and where do you find yourself within this distinction?

Question 2: As a representative of the EPISD student population, what do you feel is your connection to student bodies throughout the district, and what do you/will you do to enhance this connection?

Question 3: One of the main reasons why people feel less inclines to apply for this position is due to their lack of time because of their profession. What has motivated you to sacrifice your time, and why?

Question 4: What is your definition of an engaging and challenging learning environment, and how do you use your definition to fulfill the goals set by the current school board?

Question 5: What unique qualities or skills do you think you bring to the board, and what do you believe you need to build upon individually?

Question 6: What do you consider to be the most important aspect of education, and why do you believe this?

Question 7: Other than policy-related ideas, what makes you believe that you are an adequate leader and representative for your district?

Question 8: How do you leverage your personal district’s interests with the cohesiveness of the entire board?