WE(fillintheblank) abides by the motto “actual, productive solutions by youth” in selecting and designing our projects and events.

Upcoming Events:

BORDERiZE 2018 – 4/7/18-5/5/18 (Various Locations)

WE(fillintheblank) is excited to host the 4th annual BORDERiZE Youth Symposium this April and May! BORDERiZE is open to any 8th grade student, and will consist of 4 days:

  • April 7: Borderfair, Workshops, Breakout Sessions, Regional Roundtables
  • April 21/28: Checkpoint (students can choose either day)
  • May 5: Final proposal presentations

The students will choose from the following problems to come up with their proposal:

  1. Increasing the speed of citizenship: the screening and processing starts with an
    educational foundation.
  2.  Lack of an economic basis in STEM fields this has led to a lack of appealing jobs
    in El Paso.
  3.  Recycling in El Paso does not include recycling for all materials.
  4. Substance abuse; raising awareness.

Visit our BORDERiZE tab for more information!